Stonehill Service Corps

Stonehill Service Corps offers recent Stonehill graduates an 11-month service experience in India, the Dominican Republic, or Brockton, MA.

Stonehill Service Corps is an expression of the College's mission, to "educate the whole person so that each Stonehill graduate thinks, acts and leads with courage toward the creation of a more just and compassionate world."

As undergraduates, the College strives to prepare students for service to the common good and the practice of responsible citizenship, so that they may lead lives of meaning and purpose. The Stonehill Service Corps deeply enhances this education by offering recent Stonehill graduates opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as the chance to experience cultural integration and service, discover a new sense of community, and grow in love of God and neighbor.

During an 11-month service experience in India, the Dominican Republic, or Brockton, MA, graduates will assist their communities in various capacities and advocate the program's four core principles:

  • Service
  • Simple Living
  • Community
  • Spirituality

While accompanying those in poverty, volunteers will engage in a simple lifestyle as an expression of solidarity with those they will serve. These living experiences are strengthened, supported, and challenged by a life shared together in community. Volunteers will live and work together, foster fellowship with one another, and gather regularly for shared experiences of reflection.

The Stonehill Service Corps is based on the Catholic principles of social justice and the preferential option for the economically poor or marginalized in our local and global communities.

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