Every house/suite has a wet or dry status. A house/suite is dry when fifty nine percent (59%) or less of its residents are under the age of 21. When a house is dry, there can be no alcohol present or consumed in any common areas. Wet status is obtained when sixty percent (60%) of the residents of a house/suite are 21 years of age or older and all members of the house/suite attend Wet Status Training and Bystander Training. When a house/suite is wet, alcohol can be consumed in all house/suite common areas including the lounge.  (Wet/Dry Status Procedure)

Spring 2018 Wet Status Training

The Residence Life Office will offer Wet Status Training throughout the fall semester to students turning 21 during the fall 2017 Semester. Below is a list of upcoming Wet Status training opportunities:

  • Thursday March 15, 2018: 5:00PM @ Cleary Dining Room

  • Friday March 16, 2018: 1:00PM @ CLEARY DINING ROOM

Students must be on-time and signed-in to receive credit for attending a Wet Status Training

Bystander Training

In addition to Wet Status Training, all students must go through Bystander Training before their house/suite will be considered wet.  Information regarding Bystander Training can be found here:  https://www.stonehill.edu/offices-services/health-wellness/share-sexual-harassment-assaul/bystander-intervention/