Summer Housing



Summer 2018 Housing

The Office of Residence Life provides a limited amount of housing for students who are taking summer courses, doing work study for an on campus employer, participating in a Stonehill College approved internship, or participating in the SURE program.  Space is very limited and we can only offer housing for approximately 150 students.  

To qualify for summer housing at Stonehill, you must meet at least one of the conditions listed below and be interning, working on campus, or attending Stonehill classes full-time (at least 35 hours per week).

Summer Housing Dates

  • May 27, 2018 - August 11, 2018
    • Early Arrivals or Late Stays outside of the above dates must be approved by the Residence Life Office.
    • The Residence Life Office may require students to move to temporary locations if approved for early arrival or late stay

Summer Housing Locations

  • Summer Residents - Pilgrim Heights
    • Summer Housing is not air-conditioned.  If you have a medical need for air-conditioning you must go through the Housing Accommodations process.
  • SURE/NURE/Approved Research Grants - O'Hara Village

Application Requirements

Students may not move on campus for the summer until Residence Life has received the following:

  1. A completed summer housing application available in MyHousing in April 2018
  2. Verification of your campus activity
    1. SURE/NURE:  The Office of Residence Life will confirm your SURE/NURE registration with the Office of Academic Development and you will not need to turn anything in.
    2. INTERNSHIPS:  Internships should be registered in MyHill
      1. For Credit Internship: The Office of Residence Life will confirm your internship through the Registrar's Office and you will not need to turn anything in.  You will not receive housing however until we have verified that your internship has been confirmed by the Registrar's Office
      2. Not-for-Credit Internship:  You will need to provide proof that you are employed for at least 35 hours/week in an internship.  Proof can include documentation from your employer emailed to
    3. SUMMER COURSES: The Office of Residence Life will confirm your summer course registration with the Registrar's Office and you will not need to turn anything in. 
    4. WORK STUDY: Students will get emailed a hire form when they have been officially hired as a work study student.  A copy of that email should be forwarded to
    5. INDEPENDENT RESEARCH WITH FACULTY: Students who will be interning with a faculty member or assisting with research should have the faculty member email to confirm that the student will be working with that faculty member.

You will be notified once we have verified the above information. If approved for summer residency, you will receive additional information and room assignment via email. Applications will be accepted on a space available basis. Further regulations related to tax paperwork and payment can be obtained in the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

Summer Housing Cost

Students will be billed for housing by Student Accounts.  Billing will be based off of the number of weeks that students indicate they will be living in housing on their housing application.  PRICING BELOW REFLECTS 2017 RATES AND MAY BE DIFFERENT FROM 2018 RATES.

SURE Scholars

  • Housing cost: $30.00 per week

Work Study Students 

  • Housing cost: $60.00 per week

Students (academic coursework)

  • Housing cost: $125.00 per week


Either a full time, course credit internship through Stonehill College OR an approved full time, non-credited internship approved by the Office of Career Services.

  • Housing cost: $60.00 per week


The Residence Life Office does not provide storage including the periods between the spring & summer semester, and summer & fall semester.  It is recommended that students who need storage solutions seek an insured off-campus vendor for storage.  A list of suggested vendors can be obtained in the Residence Life Office.


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