2017-2018 Institutional Assessment Committee Membership Roster

Brian Oles, Director of Institutional Research & Assessment, Enrollment Management, 508.565.1914, boles@stonehill.edu
Stephen Beauregard, Assistant Vice President for Planning & Budgeting, Chair, 508.565.1375, sbeauregard@stonehill.edu
Christina M. Burney, Director of Career Services, 508.565.1325, cburney@stonehill.edu
Mary Anne Cappelleri, Campus Minister for Service Immersion, 508.565.1067, mcappelleri@stonehill.edu
Pamela M. Coyle, Institutional Research & Assessment Senior Analyst, 508.565.1034, pcoyle@stonehill.edu
Maria Curtin, Associate Provost of Diversity, Assessment and Faculty Development, 508.565.1650, mcurtin@stonehill.edu
David R. Doherty, Director of Enterprise Application Services, 508.565.1231, ddoherty@stonehill.edu
Todd S. Gernes, Assistant Dean of General Education, 508.565.1946, tgernes@stonehill.edu
Jessica Greene, Health and Wellness Educator, 508.565.1544, jgreene@stonehill.edu
Peter Krahe, Institutional Research & Assessment Senior Analyst, 508.565.1334, pkrahe@stonehill.edu
Peter LaBreck, Director of Advancement Operations, 508.565.1050, plabreck@stonehill.edu
Scott Seseske, Associate Dean of Admission, 508.565.1175, sseseske@stonehill.edu