2018 Summer Course Pass/Fail

The College permits undergraduate juniors or seniors to employ a Pass-Fail Option in one course each semester for a total of four Pass-Fail courses. The grade of "P" is given to students who successfully complete a course in which they have exercised the Pass-Fail Option. The student who fails such a course will receive a grade of “F’’ which is counted the same as any other failure.

The Pass-Fail Option can be used only in a course which is a free elective. No course taken as Pass-Fail can fulfill a General Education, major or minor requirement. Any student may take up to two Foreign Language courses even if this exceeds the maximum number of Pass-Fail courses allowed as long as these courses are not requirements of the major, minor, or General Education.

The student who passes such a course will receive a grade of “P’’ with no quality points figured in the cumulative average.

Once the Pass/Fail option has been exercised, it cannot be retracted.

Graduate students may not take a course pass/fail.

Pass/Fail Option Deadlines

  Summer 1 | 5-week courses Start May 29 Declare pass/fail by Friday, June 8
  Summer 2 | 5-week courses Start July 9 Declare pass/fail by Friday, July 20
  Online or Hybrid  Start May 30 Declare pass/fail by Friday, June 8