WRI 371-A Search and Research: High Impact Writing and Communication (Writing-in-the-Disciplines)


Course Details

  • Online
  • 8 Weeks | May 29 - Jul 20
  • 3 Credits | Cost: $1425.00
  • Online myHill Registration | April 9 – May 22
  • Online Payment is Due at Time of Registration

Course Description

This course will focus on enhancing students’ abilities to engage in ongoing academic and cultural conversations, research and critically analyze sources, and respond to arguments, public messages, politics, advocacy, popular culture, and visual and new media narratives. Students will learn and apply effective writing techniques throughout the term resulting in a final critical essay. This course may meet advanced rhetoric and composition requirements at other institutions.

Additional Information

  • Fulfills the Writing-in-the-Disciplines General Education Requirement.
  • Faculty will contact all students after the May 22nd registration deadline with course instructions. Students should expect to dedicate approximately 17 hours of course related work per week.

Course Instructor

Heidi R. Sadler

Adjunct Professor of Writing

Heidi Sadler, M.A., M.F.A., teaches courses in rhetoric and composition. She has published poetry, journal articles, and presented at national conferences on the subjects of the Gothic and Popular Culture. She lives in a small town with her husband and two sons and enjoys reading, making fiction, and practicing yoga.