MTH 101-A Pre Calculus


Course Details

  • Online
  • 7 Weeks | July 9 - Aug 24
  • 3 Credits | Cost: $1425.00 (there will also be a $90 fee for an ALEKS software access code**)
  • Online myHill Registration | April 9 – July 3
  • Online Payment is Due at Time of Registration

Course Description

Algebraic equations and simplification: factoring, common denominators and conjugates. Graphs of equations. Lines, quadratic curves: equations and graphs. Graphing curves with intercepts and asymptotes. Examples using algebraic, logarithmic and exponential and trigonometric functions. 

Additional Information

  • Pre-requisite(s): Open to all. Incoming First-Year Students (Class of 2022) with Instructor invitation and current Stonehill students with Instructor permission only.
  • Professor Almodovar Velazquez will contact all students after the July 3rd registration deadline with course instructions. There will be synchronous online meetings where students must be online at the same time, that will be scheduled at the convenience of students, if possible. Students should expect to dedicate approximately 15 hours of course related work per week.
  • Use of mathematics technology called ALEKS will be required.
  • **The first time a student logs into the ALEKS software, they will be asked to pay a $90 fee via credit card - (this is not paid to Stonehill)

Course Instructor

Leyda Almodóvar Velázquez

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Prof. Almodóvar Velázquez has taught at Stonehill since 2016. She completed her doctoral studies at the University of Iowa, where she served as an instructor for one year and teaching assistant for four years. In 2013 and 2014, Almodóvar received the Catherine Wegner Outstanding Mathematics Teaching Assistant Award, recognizing outstanding teaching assistants in the mathematics department. During her graduate studies, she completed a certificate in College Teaching. Her areas of interest include topological data analysis, graph theory, and applications to biology.