IND 314-A Information Ethics for the 21st Century (Moral Inquiry)


Course Details

  • Online
  • 8 Weeks | May 29 - Jul 20
  • 3 Credits | Cost: $1425.00
  • Online myHill Registration | April 9 – May 22
  • Online Payment is Due at Time of Registration

Course Description

Information ethics concerns the relationship between the creation, dissemination of use of information and the standards and norms governing its use. Information ethics provides a critical framework for exploring moral issues including privacy, environmental and issues, and journalism.

Course Syllabus

IND 314 Information Ethics for the 21st Century Syllabus (.PDF)

Additional Information

  • Fulfills the Moral Inquiry General Education Requirement.
  • Faculty will contact all students after the May 22nd registration deadline with course instructions. Students should expect to dedicate approximately 17 hours of course related work per week.

Course Instructor

Heather B. Perry

Reference Librarian

Heather also teaches the Learning Communities Through the Looking Glass, and #Reimagining Education. The two Learning Communities combine Information Technology and Information Literacy with an investigation into questions in social policy.

Heather is currently pursuing her PhD in Information Science at Simmons College; her research interest is in corporate sponsorship of information, and its impact on the body of scientific literature.