COM 333-A Topic in Mediated Communication: Science Fiction Television


Course Details

  • 5 Weeks | July 9 – August 8
  • On Campus | Mon & Wed 6:00-9:30 pm
  • 3 Credits | Cost: $1425.00
  • Online myHill Registration | April 9 – July 3
  • Online Payment is Due at Time of Registration

Course Description

This course examines the resurgence of science fiction television as a popular genre. Further, the course considers the social and cultural rationale behind the science fiction genre. As has been the case since the genre first made its way to television in the 1950’s, science fiction television exudes a powerful influence as a means to critique and comment on a myriad of social issues such as race, war, and environmental change.

The course will provide students with a brief history of science fiction television, and then go on to explore in depth a variety of case studies, including Disney’s Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and several shows chosen by the class.

Students will engage with course concepts and material through short presentations, in –class discussion, and short weekly assignments, in addition to a multi-media research project.

Additional Information

  • Prerequisite: COM 107 Mediated Communication
  • Course may be taken three times as long as topics differ.

Course Instructor

Michael V. DelNero

Adjunct Professor in Communication

Dr. DelNero received his Ph.D. in Media and Communication Studies from Bowling Green State University. He is currently a Teaching Fellow at Stonehill in the Communication Department.  His areas of specialization are in New Media, Cinema Studies, Surveillance Studies, and the American horror tradition. At Stonehill he’s taught the following courses: Media Literacy, Mediated Communication, and special topics courses on Cinematic Apocalypses, Media Convergence, and Altered Lifeforms in the Media. He is currently working on an article about the film The Road as a cautionary tale of environmental destruction.

Dr. DelNero is a true New Englander, and loves the beauty and culture here, especially in the fall. He frequently travels to Boston, his all-time favorite city. He also frequently journeys north to Vermont and Maine.