ANT 105-A Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Social Scientific Inquiry)


Course Details

  • 5 Weeks | July 10 – August 9
  • On Campus | Tue & Thu 6:00-9:30 pm
  • 3 Credits | Cost: $1425.00
  • Online myHill Registration | April 9 – July 3
  • Online Payment is Due at Time of Registration

Course Description

This course is an introduction to cultural anthropology and is designed as an exploration into the diversity of ways in which human beings perceive and order the social world. Topics covered include kinship, gender, language, ecology, economy, political organization, globalization, religion and worldview from a diverse array of cultural viewpoints. Course readings and films include both classic and contemporary ethnographies.

Course Syllabus

ANT 105 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Syllabus (.PDF)

Additional Information

  • Fulfills the Social Scientific Inquiry General Education Requirement.
  • This course may be applied to the Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Latin American Studies (with permission of the LAS Program Director) programs.

Course Instructor

Linnea M. Carlson

Community-Based Learning (CBL) Fellow

Dr. Carlson is a cultural anthropologist specializing in health, gender, and globalization. She spent two years in the Caribbean conducting ethnographic research for her dissertation on the social experiences of HIV/AIDS infection. She also holds degrees in International Affairs (BA) and Public Health (MPH), and has 15 years of experience conducting health and social research in Boston, Washington, DC, New York City, Venezuela, Trinidad, and Guyana. Dr. Carlson has been teaching college anthropology and sociology courses for 10 years, exploring topics in qualitative methodologies, race, gender, Latin American and indigenous cultures, and the effects of globalization on people and culture.