The Travel Collaborative

The Travel Collaborative ( is the official college travel agency, offering full travel services with a dedicated team of agents ready to assist all travelers for business or personal travel. 
Fees are $34.00 per transaction, which covers air or train, hotel and or car reservations.

The Travel Collaborative
625 Mt. Auburn Street, Ste 207
Cambridge, MA 02138-4555
Toll Free:  800-370-7400
Agency's Website:
 Betty Cotton ( General Manager) 617.497.7400 ext 17
Main Number:   617.497.7400
Main Toll Free:  800.370.7400

Stonehill College Travel Consultants
New Callers:          855-497-8108
Maryella Blundo    617.497.8132 ext. 32*
June Doliber          617.497.8153 ext. 53*
Carol Pine             617.497.8141  ext. 41*
Shelly Koch          617.497.8129  ext29*
Dimitra Milas       617.497.8143  ext 43*
24 hour emergency line (within USA)     800.567.9396
24 hour emergency line (International)  303.801.2174
*For use with Main Office and local toll free numbers.