The Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard provides a broad but comprehensive picture of institutional performance that has students at its focus. As Stonehill implements its strategic plan, it will look to the balanced scorecard to monitor progress along the way.

The scorecard views the College through the following four lenses, or perspectives, each of which are interrelated:

Student perspective

How well are we serving our students? The student perspective focuses on learning, graduate and post graduate outcomes.

Internal processes perspective

What processes does Stonehill need to perform well in order to produce the outcomes that we desire for our students? This perspective focuses on enrollment, teaching, advising and campus life.

Innovation and organizational learning perspective

Is Stonehill innovating and learning as an organization in ways that will help us to remain competitive as we serve students? This perspective focuses on strengthening existing programs, developing new curricular and co-curricular opportunities, and enhancing professional development.

Resources perspective

As we seek to enhance student outcomes, internal processes, and innovation, what is the impact on our resources? This perspective focuses not only on Stonehill's financial resources, but its technological and human resources as well.