Paris is an exciting city with an important cultural heritage, endless museums, art galleries, and beautiful displays of architecture of different artistic movements, breathtaking sights and a fantastic nightlife. The rich language and culture of France experienced through the lens of an internship offers students an extraordinary opportunity to integrate into Parisian life. Students benefit greatly by fine-tuning their language skills and developing practical professional skills.

Program Requirements & Application Process

Students participating in the Paris Internship Program should be juniors or first semester seniors, meet the 3.0 GPA minimum requirement, obtain approval from their major department, receive approval from the Director of International Programs and the Dean of Students, be in good academic and social standing and have no Community Standard violations, and have above average professionalism, motivation, reliability, and communication skills. Students are required to have French language experience in order to participate in the Paris Internship Program.

Students interested in applying for this program should meet with the Director of International Programs and obtain the necessary materials. In addition, students should meet with their major advisor and their designated Faculty Moderator. Students must create a resume in the standard European format and materials are provided by the Office of International Programs. The deadline for the fall semester is in March 11th and the spring is September 25th.

Students should begin the application process by filling out Stonehill's on-line application form on myHill. Go to myHill>myPlans>"Apply for an International Program".

Program Dates

  • Fall Semester: Early September - Mid-December (TBA)
  • Spring Semester: Early January - Mid-April (TBA)


Upon satisfactory completion of the full-time, 36-hour per week internship, the mid-semester and final evaluations from on-site supervisor, a daily professional journal, a research paper, students will receive 15 credits towards their major, minor, or elective credit as approved by their Department Chair and departmental Faculty Moderator.

Paris: 9 credits: Pass/Fail, Internship placement based on Mid-semester and Final Evaluations from Internship Site Supervisors; 3 credits: A-F (Stonehill grade), based on Research Paper; 3 credits: A-F (Stonehill grade) , based on Daily Professional Journal for a total of 15 US semester credits.


For linguistic and cultural reasons, students will benefit from home stays in Paris in order to continue to improve language skills outside the office environment. Students are provided with their own key to the home and may come and go as they please, respecting the family's schedules. Students will have their own room with access to the bathroom and kitchen. Students are provided with breakfast and are expected to eat lunch near the office. French households vary in size, age, and life-style. Some are middle-aged couples with children; others, widows; still others, single mothers, and so on. We do not place students in a household with the expectation that they will become a family member. There is no guarantee of substantive contact with the household. Rather, we place students in a household to facilitate their language acquisition and to integrate them into French society and culture.


Most placements will be centrally located in zones 1 & 2 and are easily accessible by metro or bus (or even by walking). A typical Paris commute can be anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. Occasionally, placements will be outside these zones and will require an overland train. Students will be provided with more information during the in-country orientation.


Students pay Stonehill Tuition and standard double room housing for the Paris Internship Program. Included in these fees are a full time internship, (36 hours per week), housing with host families, airport pick-up service, in-country orientation program, overseas supplemental insurance through HTH Worldwide, and support through EUSA throughout the duration of the program. Students are able to utilize all Federal, State, Need and Merit-based financial aid for the Paris Internship Program.

The program does not include the following costs: Round-trip airfare to Paris, most meals, commuting costs to internship placement, passport and French Visa, laundry, gym memberships, personal travel and expenses.

Paris Internship Placements


Placements include Financial Services, IT & Telecoms, Marketing, Hospitality, Food, Travel, Fashion and Retail with sponsors like:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Air France
  • Vivendi Universal
  • Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Advertising, PR & Journalism

Placements include Advertising, PR agencies, In-house departments, Newspapers, Magazines and Wire Services with sponsors like:

  • Ketchum Relations Publiques
  • International Herald Tribune
  • Associated Press
  • New York Times

Health & Human Services

Placements include Healthcare Administration, Medical Research, Medical Observation and Social Services with sponsors like:

  • Institut Pasteur
  • Hupital Americain de Paris
  • Association Halte Aide aux Femmes Battues
  • Labo de Toxicologie

Film & Television

Placements include Television & Production, Radio, Film & Entertainment Distribution with sponsors like:

  • Starling Productions
  • La Cinematheque Francaise
  • Warner Brother International Television
  • Radio Bleue

Art & Architecture

Placements include Auction Houses, Art Galleries, Museums, Theaters, Art Organizations, Architectural Firms, Interior Design Firms, Art Publications and Music with sponsors like:

  • Sotheby's
  • Musee de l'Homme
  • Galerie Maeght
  • Theatre National de Chatelet

Politics, Law & NGOs

Placements include Government, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Think Tanks, Criminal Law Practices, Civil Law Practices, Political Parties, Embassies, Non-profit Organizations and Lobbying Groups with sponsors like:

  • Les Verts
  • Assemblee Nationale
  • Democratie Liberale
  • Medicins San Frontieres

*Information on this page provided by EUSA.

Note: students are not limited to the above placements nor are they guaranteed one of the above placements.