Stonehill College offers students two different abroad options, the Study Abroad program or the International Internship program.

International Internship Program

The International Internship Program places students in organizations in public or private organizations and corporations, where they gain first-hand knowledge of a specific field, and apply their classroom learning to a working environment in a foreign setting. One-semester internships are available for all majors in Dublin, London, Madrid and Paris. Established in 1985 the program is open to students from all majors. Students in Madrid and Paris should be proficient in the language of the host country.

Study Abroad Program

The Office of International Programs maintains a list of Approved Study Abroad Programs. Study abroad programs are available to students from all majors and students earn transfer credit for courses successfully completed abroad. Students may only choose from a study abroad program that is on the approved list.

Stonehill also has established five Direct Enrollment Programs with the following universities:

  • National University of Ireland Galway
  • University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Royal Holloway University of London
  • The Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy
  • The Granada Institute for International Studies in Spain

Full immersion programs

Students are able to enroll at university in a foreign country and take courses along with students from the host country. These options are available in both English speaking and non-English speaking countries. In this model, students typically are housed with host country students or other international students.

Programs with other U.S. students

Allow students to enroll in a school with other U.S. students where some of the courses taught can be in English and one course taught in the language of the host country. Students would live with other U.S. students participating in the program.

Host family programs

In some countries, students gain immersion into the language and culture by living with a host family. Their courses are typically taught in the language of the host country. Often the student can be housed with one other U.S. students, but may also opt to live with the host family only.

Field-based programs

Students study with host country faculty and live with homestay families. The primary focus is on field-based, experiential learning and independent research. Theme based programs range from Social Movement and Human Rights, Justice, Global Health, Post-Conflict Transformation to Natural Resources Management and Environmental Policy.