Course Descriptions Fall 2016

APL 090 A IDEAS: Culture of Connectivity 

Facilitator: Celine DeSantis (Mon. 6:30-8:30)

Have you ever stopped to think about if your retweet is covered by the First Amendment? Or how
your Facebook friends may determine your ability to get a loan? This class will explore the legal,
ethical, and social implications that come with adopting social media and smart technology.
Through active discussion and investigation, we will explore ideas such as Artificial Intelligence
and Big Data and how these products are changing the way humans think, act, and function. We
will consider topics such as Social Media, “Hacktivism,” and Cyber Security through the lens of
Freedom of Speech and Privacy. Ultimately, we will have the opportunity to view the technology
we use daily in a far more analytical light and will gain a heightened understanding of the larger
impact this exciting and dynamic industry has on our lives and on the world.

APL 090 B IDEAS: Flavors of the World

Facilitators: Fatuma Haji and Katrina Kobus (Thurs. 5:00-7:00)

Do you have a hunger for cultural knowledge? Do you enjoy exploring cultures through the art of
cooking? Consider enrolling in this course where students will learn how to make ethnic dishes
from a variety of cultures. In addition to cooking (and eating!) delicious food, we will discuss the
cultures out of which the food grows. Students will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone
through discussion-based and hands-on learning to come to a better understanding of the flavors
around the world.

APL 090 C IDEAS: Food for Thought

Facilitators: Jeremy Halstead and Mark Gambon (Tues. 6:00-8:00)

Do you know how what you eat impacts the world around you? Climate change affects what we
grow and how we grow it. Participants in the class will engage in student-led discussions, hands-on
activities, and field trips revolving around current topics of interest about food and climate. This
class will explore different regions of the world and how they are mitigating climate change to grow
food. For example, students could study the changing monsoon season in India due to warmer
weather. Students will have the freedom to determine which topics the class will examine in order
to best tailor the class to individuals’ interests.

APL 090 D IDEAS: Immigration Stories

Facilitators: Brankely Garcia and Ysabel Cueva (Tues. 5:00-7:00)

What does it mean to be an immigrant in the United States? In this course students will learn about
immigration through a social justice lens. We will examine the history and current events of
immigration in the United States. Through reflection, group discussions and experiential learning,
students will gain a deeper understand of the lives and journeys of different migrant groups in the
United States.

APL 090 E IDEAS: Is Slavery Really Over?

Facilitators: Katie Wahrer and Lauren White (Thurs. 4:00-6:00)

In society today, nearly 90% of all goods are made through a form of modern day slavery. In this
course students will develop an understanding of what modern day slavery is and how human
trafficking/ modern day slavery impacts their everyday life. To develop this understanding, students
will partake in a variety of activities designed to foster an experiential learning environment. These
opportunities include, but are not limited to, discovering how many slaves make your daily life
possible, “in their shoes” role playing, and campus awareness activities. This class will help
students step outside of the Stonehill world and gain an awareness of their place in the bigger
picture of society.

APL 090 F IDEAS: Lemonade: Music and History

Facilitator: Erich Maynard (Mon. 5:00-7:00)

Do you consider Beyoncé to be one of the greatest musicians to grace this Earth? Are you
wondering what all the fuss is about? Have you thought about how her recent album Lemonade
depicts issues of race and gender? Students in this class, whether new listeners or devoted fans, will
discuss Lemonade, along with related readings and videos, to explore portrayals of cultural
diversity, particularly how women of color are depicted and treated in today’s mainstream media.
Through group discussion and projects, students will gain new perspectives on today’s issues that
they may have not entertained before.

APL 090 G IDEAS: Once Upon a Time

Facilitators: Emily Schario and Nic Sangiovanni (Tues. 6:00-8:00)

Why does Disney dominate? What is the power behind the magic words, “Once Upon a Time?” In
this course students will discuss these questions, and more, as we examine the fairytale as a genre.
Using literary analysis, students will explore the ways in which fairytales create conceptions of
narrative and shape our sense of identity. Building on this critical foundation, students will have the
opportunity to become authors of their own story through creative media of their own choosing
(such performance, cinema, written work, etc.).

APL 090 H IDEAS: Post-modern Spirituality

Facilitator: Ben Ingegneri (Mon. 5:00-7:00)

Is there still a place for spirituality in a world where traditional expressions of religion are in
decline? This course will explore the very nature of spirituality by looking at moments of spiritual
experience by famous religious characters from both Eastern and Western religions. A main aspect
of the course will be examining various forms of artwork as insight into spiritual experience.
Students will also be exposed to different spiritual practices in outlets such as meditation, exploring
how and why spirituality might play a unique roll in our modern lives, even if it is outside the realm
of organized religion.

APL 090 I IDEAS: Potter and Politics

Facilitator: Kayla McNulty (Wed. 7:00-9:00)

How does life at Hogwarts reflect our need for political parties? How does the divide between
wizards/muggles and pure bloods/mudbloods highlight issues of discrimination in our society? If
any of these questions interest you, Potter and Politics is the course for you! Students will discuss
topics such as police violence, discrimination, and more. Using J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series,
we will critically comment on political hot topics in todays’ society in a whole new way.

APL 090 J IDEAS: Sacred Mind, Sacred Body

Facilitators: Matt Moschella and Emilia Rebelo (Thurs. 6:00-8:00)

Who am I? This class uses yoga, meditation, relevant texts, reflections and conversations as tools to
deepen the understanding of one’s self. By engaging in the practice of yoga, along with
conversations about religion and spirituality, students will better understand the interconnectedness
of the body and the mind and consider ideas of personal spirituality.

APL 090 K IDEAS: ScienceInTheMedia

Facilitators: Taylor Uccello and Alison Smith (Mon. 3:00-5:00)

Why are climate change, vaccines, and even whether women have a role to play in scientific fields
all debated so hotly in the news? Does news coverage match the evidence? How do we find and
understand the evidence to engage with these hot topics in a world that prizes fast-moving and
entertaining social media, even when that media is not true? How do you fact-check for yourself on
topics outside your major? Is fact-checking enough? The purpose of this course is to delve into
conversations and group activities about such hot topic news. Together, we will analyze news items
from many different popular sources and examine what makes a reliable news source.