Human Resources Advisory Committee

What is the HRAC?

The HR Advisory Committee was formed to provide a  better venue for employee input and feedback regarding employee benefits and HR policies. To this end the Human Resources Advisory Committee was formed in the fall of 2007. This group, comprised of three members each of the faculty, administration and staff, will not be tasked with the development of policy, but will surface feedback from employees regarding benefit and compensation strategies in use and under consideration by the College. Employees will have the option of providing feedback anonymously.

In addition, HR will consult with this group to get the employees’ points of view regarding the communication of important employment matters, including health and welfare benefits, compensation, and professional development and training.

Members of the HRAC:

  • Chair:  Maria Martone, Associate Director of Human Resources
  • Amra Brooks, Associate Professor of English
  • Lee Damore, Accountant
  • Bill Deane, Custodian III
  • Frances Foote, AACSB Coordinator
  • Matti Karthik, Senior Systems Analyst
  • Maria Kavanaugh, Director of Counseling Services
  • Bonnie Klentz, Professor of Psychology
  • Rose Litwinczuk, Campus Police Officer
  • Steven Muniz, Mechanic IV
  • Monique Myers, Associate Professor of Communication
  • Leslie VanLaarhoven, Administrative Assistant II, Development