Stonehill College Base Meal Plan


Base Meal Plan

All resident students are required to participate in the base Meal Plan at $1,300 each semester.  These funds can be used at any on campus eating venue including Dunkin Donuts in the Shield’s Science Center and Au Bon Pain in the Welcome Center.  Unused base fall meal plan funds carry to the spring semester.  At the end of the spring semester, any base funds not used are forfeited.  Students wishing to add additional funds can do so using a credit card with no fee at
Funds added to the Base Meal Plan and  Hill Dollars are refundable.

How the Meal Plan Works

At the start of each semester the appropriate dollar amount will be credited to your base meal plan account on your Hill Card.  You will then use your Hill Card to make purchases in the Dining Commons, The Hill, Ace's Place and Holy Cross Center. These purchases are debited from your base meal plan account. This system is similar to using a debit card for your checking account. All the food items obtained while passing through the serving areas are totaled on a cash register and debited from your base meal plan account.

How to Check Your Balance

Throughout the year, you should be checking your base meal plan balance so that you can best monitor your spending.  There are three ways to check your balance:

  1. Go to
  2. There is a card swipe terminal at the entrance of both the Dining Commons and the Holy Cross Dining Room that will display your balance once you swipe your ID Card.
  3. After every sale, you may ask the cashier what your balance is or request a receipt.

If you have any questions regarding how the base meal plan works, or need assistance, stop by the Dining Services Office located at the Commons, or call our office at (508) 565-1888. We will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  Helpful Dine Around Meal Plan Brochure.

Meal Plan Policies and Procedures

Commuter students are not required to be on a base meal plan; however, commuter students may add money to their Discretionary (Hill Card) account for this purpose.

Unused balances will carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester. Unused balances cannot be carried over from one school year to the next and are non-refundable.

Students may request a special accommodation for medical purposes.  Please visit the Office of Accessibility at Resources  or call 508-565-1306 for information regarding medical requests for meal plan accommodations.