Teaching About Privilege

In Spring 2008, The Office of Intercultural Affairs organized a number of speakers addressing the topic of white privilege. The following resources were developed to assist faculty who were interested in making connections to these speakers in their classes.

We maintain this page as a resource for faculty who continue to engage these topics in the classroom. Please send any suggested additions to this page to the Center for Teaching and Learning.

General Resources

Tim Wise

Wise's website (http://www.timwise.org/) is a good place to start researching his work. There you can find numerous links to his essays and blog posts. Some recent posts of his -- which reflect on the implications of Obama's election -- may provide interesting texts for class discussion:

Katrina Brown

Brown's documentary,"Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North," details Brown's discovery that her New England ancestors were the largest slave-trading family in US history. The film will be screened at Stonehill at the end of January and is available for loan from the Intercultural Resource Center.

Peggy McIntosh

You can find McIntosh's most famous essay (about the "invisible knapsack" she carries because of her white and heterosexual privilege) in a number of places online: