Faculty-Librarian Partnership Program

Organized by the MacPháidín Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Faculty-Librarian Partnership Program (FLPP) offers faculty members the opportunity to explore how they can better collaborate with librarians to further their curricular goals.

Program Description

New trends in library instruction are moving away from "one-shot" sessions (that try to cram everything a student might need into a single library visit) and instead are moving towards more "integrated" approaches that connect students to the library in multiple ways throughout the semester.

The FLPP partners faculty members and librarians to pilot such integrated approaches throughout a semester.

There are a number of ways these partnerships can be imagined:

  • a librarian can offer multiple brief library instruction sessions during the course of the semester (and even sit in on a class or two)
  • a reference department member can serve as an "integrated librarian" in person or via the eLearn platform
  • a librarian can contribute to the development of assignments and identification of resources for completing them,
  • the librarian and faculty member could create customized tools designed specifically for the course, such as blogs, wikis, games, tutorials, etc.

Up to eight faculty members (full-time or part-time) are selected to participate each year. Faculty can choose to offer the course featuring the faculty/librarian collaborative component either in the fall or spring semester. We welcome applications from all faculty interested in collaborating with a librarian; we are particularly interested in receiving applications from faculty interested in exploring how librarians can provide online support to classes through eLearn and other online platforms.

Benefits to Faculty

All faculty who are chosen to participate in the FLPP will receive:

  • $500 stipend
  • One-on-one assistance from a reference librarian. That assistance can include, among other things, ongoing visits to the classroom, creation of learning tools, online library instruction in eLearn, identification and acquisition of resources, etc.
  • New learning tools (class pages, lesson plans, course-specific resources) that can be incorporated into your teaching
  • The opportunity for your students to establish an ongoing relationship with a reference librarian who has in-depth understanding about their course, its contents and their research responsibilities
  • The opportunity to share the results of your experience with the Stonehill community

Responsibilities of Faculty

Faculty participants will be expected to:

  • Attend a one-day institute held in early summer (2015 FLPP Institute will be held Monday, May 18th)
  • Attend a follow-up meeting in August (for Fall 2015 participants ) or December (for Spring 2016 participants)
  • Actively collaborate with partner librarian to develop course syllabus
  • Continue to collaborate throughout the chosen semester
  • Participate in assessment of the project
  • Share the results of the project with members of the Stonehill community