Exploring Discomfort in the Classroom

"Exploring Discomfort in the Classroom: Managing Hot Moments and Facilitating Difficult Discussions"

Led by Margy Pierce (Education) and Erin O'Hea (Psychology) this FLC will explore the role discomfort plays in our classrooms, particularly as it relates to questions of diversity. 

Through discussions of various readings and personal experiences, participants will work to develop the skills - and the courage - to confront difficult topics in and outside of the classroom.

Topics discussed will include stereotype threat, cultural competency, bias, diversity, managing hot moments, racial identity development, and being a minority member on a homogenous college campus.

Readings to be discussed will likely include:

Krik and Durant's "Crossing the Line: Framing Appropriate Responses in the Diversity Classroom" (2010)

Frederick's "Walking on Eggs: Mastering the Dreaded Diversity Discussion" (1995)

Schwieger, Gros, and Barberan's "Lessons from the Culturally Diverse Classroom: Intellectual Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching in the American University" (2010)