SOTL/Pedagogy Grants:

  • Charlene Dalrymple, Director, Stonehill Collegiate Chorale
    Robbie LePage, Director, Stonehill College Bands
    Lisa Redpath, Director, Instrumental Music Program 
    "Massachusetts Music Educators Association Conference"
    Awarded: $700
  • Prof. Geoffrey P. Lantos, Business Administration
    "Business Education at Catholic Universities: Exploring the Role of Mission-Driven Business Schools Conference"
    Awarded: $1,000
  • Prof. Patricia Leavy, Sociology and Criminology
    "AERA Conference"
    Awarded: $2,000
  • Prof. Anne Mattina, Communication
    "National Communication Association's Institute for Faculty Development HOPE Conference"
    Awarded: $800
  • Prof. Juan Carlos Martin, Foreign Languages
    "Spanish Club's Publication of two Newsletters and one Cultural Magazine"
    Award: $1400
  • Prof. Kelly McKillop, Business Administration
    "AACSB International Faculty Conference on Learning and Research"
    Awarded: $1,645
  • Prof. Angela Paradise, Communication
    "Games for Change Conference"
    Awarded: $1,000
  • Prof. Daria Valentini, Foreign Languages
    "Development of curricular materials for the teaching of cinema and cultural studies within the Italian Studies Program"
    Awarded: $1430

Instructional Technology Grants:

  • Prof. Daria Valentini, Foreign Languages 
    "NERCOMP Seminar on Digital Storytelling"
    Awarded: $72
  • Prof. Scott A. Cohen, English
    "Wacom Graphire table for use in English courses"
    Awarded: $200
  • Prof. Juan Carlos Martin, Foreign Languages
    "American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Conference"
    Awarded: $810