CTL Innovations in Teaching Syllabus Prize Submission Process

A prize of $500 will be given each semester to a course that manifests Innovation, Inclusiveness, and Rigor in pedagogy.

The winning course will fulfill three criteria:  


This can mean either a new class, or a re-imagining of an existing class. The re-imagining can involve technological adjustments or additions, or not. It can mean including new material, or not. The field is open. 


The winning course will be thoughtful in its approach to different learning styles. It also ideally will meaningfully engage with diverse sources, scholarship, populations, or approaches.


The winning course will ask more from students in terms of the depth of their engagement and the development of their intellectual skills. 

Submission Process:

Before 5pm on May 6, 2019, please submit, in a single PDF, sent to pthompson@stonehill.edu:

  •  a syllabus from a course taught in Fall 2018
  • a 1-2 page narrative of the course’s learning objectives and their implementation
  • evidence of teaching effectiveness (your account of student successes and challenges is sufficient; you are welcome to include formal or informal evaluation measures, but this is not required)

 The competition will be judged by the CTL Advisory Board, the Academic Deans, and the Associate Provost for Assessment and Faculty Development.

 The Fine Print

Individual faculty members are eligible to win every five years. An individual may submit one course for consideration per semester. The course in question be at minimum a three-credit course. Directed studies, internships, labs, and FYE courses are ineligible. Team-taught courses are also ineligible, though the individually-taught portions of Learning Communities are eligible.