Center for Nonprofit Management Engagements

The Center for Nonprofit Management is dedicated to strengthening the leadership capacity of local nonprofits. We strive to help those who want to help others.

Learning Programs

The Center for Nonprofit Management offers learning programs, workshops, conferences and trainings for nonprofit leaders on topics such as governance, budgeting, strategic planning, development, marketing, evaluation and information management.

Surveys and Research

The Center for Nonprofit Management utilizes data collection and research as a critical component of local capacity building. We gather local opinions about the most pressing issues facing the sector through the distribution of our Needs Assessment Survey. The responses from this assessment help us to better understand regional issues and implement effective learning programs for the nonprofit community.

Engaging with the Stonehill Community

The Center for Nonprofit Management promotes the involvement and assistance of students, faculty, staff and alumni to benefit organizations with a variety of technical assistance, research and volunteer needs. We have student interns available to work with community-based agencies on short-term projects. CNM also taps into the expertise of the College through the instruction of faculty and staff members as facilitators for trainings.