Apply to be a Student Minister for the 2018-2019 Academic Year!

Please see below for information about our Applicaiton Process.

Interested in applying to be a Moreau Student Minister? Follow these easy steps!

1) Discern and Pray

  • Like any opportunity or decision, it is important to discern where God is calling you and ask Him if this is what He needs from you here and now. Prayerfully consider the opportunity to apply to be an MSM and try to figure out if you are being called to this ministry here at Stonehill.
  • Need help prayerfully deciding if you should apply, watch this video! Also, feel free to contact a Campus Minister to find a time to discuss what being a Student Minister might mean for you!

2) See if you meet the requirements to be an MSM and will be able to fulfill the responsibilities

  • There are three requirement students must meet in order to be considered for an MSM position: 2.0 Cumulative GPA, must be in good standing with the college, and must have been a student at Stonehill for at least 1 semester prior to the start of the term for which you are applying.
  • MSMs have three main responsibilities: serve on a "Mass Team" which will support one of the 4 weeknight Residence Hall Masses, meet regularly with the MSM team to discuss ministry and personal faith formation, and support large scale programming planned by the Office of Campus Ministry (i.e. large masses, spiritual programming, etc.).

3) Complete an application