Advising Resources for Students

Academic Advising

At Stonehill, advising is organized by major. Students are assigned an advisor for each major, and a new advisor when they change majors. Those students who are undecided about their major will still be assigned an advisor. The goal of the advising program is to guide students towards the identification and fulfillment of their personal, academic, and career goals. Learn more.

Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Services & Advising plays an active role in upholding the academic integrity policy and overseeing implementation of academic integrity procedures. We strive to be a valuable resource for students and faculty as they navigate issues of academic integrity. Learn more.

Academic Policies and Procedures  

The Office of Academic Services & Advising provides consultations on Academic Policies to both faculty and students. The Hill Book serves as the on-line, accredited version of the Stonehill College Academic Catalog. This essential resource contains useful information about the College’s academic programs, partnerships, degree requirements, course offerings, grading policy, and College's academic procedures and resources. Visit the Hill Book.

Academic Support

College is a time of great growth and exploration, but can be very stressful as well. Many good students have difficulty with certain courses for one reason or another. If you are experiencing difficulty in a course, we have a few recommendations for you. Learn more.

Choosing a Major

With 80 majors, minors and programs in the businesses, sciences or humanities, you have many possibilities from which to choose. We have identified some strategies to help you make an informed decision about what major (majors? and a minor?) to pursue. After all, it is a big decision to make. Learn more.

Course and College Withdrawals

The Office of Academic Services & Advising supports students seeking to end their enrollment in individual courses or at the College. Learn more.

Pre-Professional Advising

Pre-Professional Advising programs provide recommendations for meeting undergraduate requirements, suggestions for advancement to graduate study, and other guidance for students who intend to pursue a career in Allied Health Professions, Health Professions, Law, or Teaching. Learn more.


Students seeking to return to the College after a withdrawal, inactive semester, administrative or academic separation or graduating must contact the Office of Academic Services & Advising obtain the Readmission Application. Learn more.

Transfer Student Advising

Welcome to Stonehill! We are thrilled to have you, and hope that you are able to take advantage of whatever it is that sparked your transfer to Stonehill - whether an academic program, opportunity for extracurricular involvement, or just an overall "better fit". Learn more.

Unanticipated Absences

When students know they will be missing more than 3 days of class for legitimate reasons, the Office of Academic Services & Advising will notify their faculty once we receive supporting documentation. Learn more.