Student Travel Grants

The Associate Provost for Academic Achievement awards Student Travel Grants that provide modest funds to subsidize the costs associated with your attendance at a professional meeting to present the results of original research, discuss a unique academic program, or participate in a visual, performance, or creative arts competition.

Please review the following guidelines if you are interested in applying for a Student Travel Grant:

  • The Student Travel Grant Application must be written and submitted by the student with a sign-off by a faculty or staff sponsor.
  • The maximum award each semester per student is $300. If, in the spring semester, there are adequate funds available, a second application from a student to attend a second professional meeting or competition will be considered, but a second award should not be considered automatic.
  • Signed, completed grant applications should be turned in to the office of the Associate Provost for Academic Achievement (Duffy 134) for consideration prior to any travel taking place.
  • Students and their sponsors will be notified of the grant award status by email within two weeks after submission of their application.