Undergraduate Awards in Social Sciences & Humanities

Nationally prestigious and competitive fellowships, scholarships and awards are available for current undergraduates who are studying the social sciences and humanities. It is important to be aware of deadlines as they may occur well in advance of the start dates of the awards or fellowships. If interested in applying for a prestigious award, be sure to contact Craig Kelley, Associate Provost for Academic Achievement, and/or Kris Silva, Nationally Prestigious Awards Advisor.

Award Description Open To  Fact Sheet
Elie Wiesel Foundation Prize in Ethics Contest The Elie Wiesel Foundation Prize in Ethics Contest challenges college students to analyze the urgent ethical issues confronting them in today’s complex world. Students are encouraged to write thought-provoking personal essays that raise questions about a moral dilemma of their choice. Junior, Senior  Program Fact Sheet
Gilder Lehrman History Scholar Award The Gilder Lehrman History Scholar Award recognizes 15 outstanding graduating college seniors in the U.S. who have demonstrated academic and extracurricular excellence in American history or American Studies as well as a commitment to public service and community involvement. Senior  Program Fact Sheet
Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows The Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows is a competitive five-and-a-half week summer leadership program that offers a small, select group of 12 rising college juniors unparalleled opportunities in the nation’s capital and on the famous estate of America’s first president. Candidates are young men and women of action; leaders who are willing to give themselves to something they truly believe in. Candidates will reflect a variety of causes, passions, academic backgrounds, personalities, personal histories, university experiences, majors, and interests. Sophomore  Program Fact Sheet
Harry S. Truman Scholarship The Harry S. Truman Scholarship is a highly competitive and prestigious federal scholarship awarded to 60 U.S. college students for demonstrated leadership potential and a commitment to public service.   The scholarship is in the amount of $30,000 toward a graduate education.  Junior  Program Fact Sheet
Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program The Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program is a six-week summer program designed to provide undergraduate students with a deeper appreciation of current issues and trends in international affairs, a greater understanding of career opportunities in international affairs, and the enhanced knowledge and skills to pursue such careers. The Program usually selects 15-20 participants (known as “Rangel Scholars”) each year from universities throughout the United States. Students live at Howard University, attend classes, and participate in a variety of programs with foreign affairs professionals at Howard and at diverse locations around Washington, DC. Sophomore, Junior, Senior  Program Fact Sheet