What is Tutoring Services?

Tutoring Services is a full-service tutoring center staffed by peer and professional tutors. Peer Tutors are current Stonehill students who are trained to tutor and have excellent academic skills. We work with all students at any point in their academic careers in any subject.

We offer over (35) subject areas including writing for any class. Visit here for more information about our services. 

We are located on the 3rd floor of the library (MacPhaidin, 314). All individual appointments take place either in 314 or on Zoom. 

Absolutely not! Our services are completely free (included in your tuition). We want to be as accessible as possible for as many students as possible, and would never want finances to be a potential deterrent. You will never be asked to pay for any tutoring you receive. 

Absolutely! We are an inclusive center and offer to all students the following: 

  • Consent to record tutoring sessions.
  • Extended appointment times. 
  • Distraction-reduced environment on low-traffic times/days.
  • Use of a computer or alternative format
  • Assigned scribe, note-taker, or other support person who can attend the session without having to book an additional appointment or login. 
  • Please feel free to take breaks also during appointments. 
  • Privacy- Tutors are trained to maintain the privacy of students as a priority. You may ask for any accommodation without disclosing disability. 
  • For any questions or information about registering with OAR, accommodations, and/or resources, please contact accessibility-resources@stonehill.edu. 

While we cannot guarantee a specific grade in any given class, we can guarantee that our tutors will work to the best of their ability at assisting you in learning and understanding the subject matter. Our tutors are committed to helping students become the best versions of themselves that they can be---both inside the classroom and out!

You bet! Tutors can help with exam preparation, weekly homework assignments, review hard-to-understand areas, or just simply help with maintaining course knowledge through weekly appointments. 


We cannot help you with take-home exams, as per policy. This is viewed as "collaborating" on a graded exam and is a form of plagiarism. However, if a professor has given explicit permission to work on a take-home exam, please request the professor follow-up with cwaa-services@stonehill.edu. 

Tutoring is for everyone! We work with all students at any point in their academic careers. We can help you go from a B+ to an A, or we can be the sounding board for all your amazing ideas. 

Only if you want them to! When signing-in to TutorTrac, you have the option of whether or not you want to disclose to your professor that you attended tutoring. It is completely up to you, and there is no pressure either way on what you choose to do!

While we appreciate you welcoming us into your living space, we only tutor in Library 314 or on Zoom. 

Online Tutoring

To book an appointment, login to TutorTrac with your myhill username or password and be sure to check the box that says "Is Online". 

Reach-out to us via email at tutoring-services@stonehill.edu or call 508-565-5014 for any questions about scheduling an appointment. 



If you cannot find a tutor on TutorTrac, please fill-out this form, and we will follow-up with you ASAP. 

After booking an appointment, you will receive a confirmation via email with a Zoom link. Click the link up to five minutes before your selected time.  

The details will also be located in your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.