How do I become a Peer Tutor?

Peer Tutors go through a competitive application process. We prioritize applicants who are strong students and show a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion including an awareness of challenges college students face throughout their academic careers. We look for applicants who show a commitment to tutoring all learners.

  • Supportive community
  • Flexible Schedule with ability to work evenings & Sundays
  • Ongoing, compensated professional development training and meetings
  • Strengthen interpersonal & subject-matter skills  
  • CRLA-Level 1 Certification
  • Professional & academic mentorship
  • Leadership positions & projects available for students who want to build their resume

Peer Tutors show knowledge and skills on various levels from 100-300 level courses depending on the class year. Students who are interested in gaining professional experience or building interpersonal skills are strongly encouraged to apply.  

All applicants must be in good standing academically and with the Office of Community Standards. Applicants must be at sophomore-level or higher. We prioritize applicants who have an awareness of or personal experience with college students’ challenges and who share a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

All applicants interested in tutoring are encouraged to apply to tutor more than one subject and must have demonstrated proficiency in the subjects they want to tutor. Two faculty references and a resume are needed as part of the application. Final candidates will take the WRI-169 (1) credit course in Fall 2022. This class is offered online asynchronously. 

Applicants interested in tutoring writing must include a writing sample and have two faculty references. We look for applicants who are comfortable learning how to address every stage of the writing process including developing ideas, crafting an argument, critical thinking skills, organization, and voice. Applicants who can also tutor elementary level foreign languages are prioritized. Final candidates will take the WRI-369 (3) credit course.   
If hired, tutors must attend orientation, tutor training, and become CRLA-Level 1 certified.  
  • Complete Peer Tutor Interest Form
    • Resume
    • Two faculty references
    • Writing Sample (Writing Tutor applicants ONLY)

We are currently reviewing applications on a rolling basis. If you are selected, we will reach-out to setup an interview. 

All Peer Tutors must earn CRLA Level-1 Certification. 

This includes:

  • Completion of WRI-169 or WRI-369. 
  • 25 hours of active tutoring. 
  • *Attendance at Fall & Spring Orientation each year. 
  • *Participation in on-going training & meetings

*Training & orientations are also compensated. 

For information about CRLA, please visit here.