New Members:

Those who seek to join the Anchors Leadership Society must apply.  Applications are open at the start of each semester.  A student may not apply to the society until after their first semester at Stonehill. 

Once accepted, the new member will begin their initial requirements.  In order to become a full member, they must complete the following requirements.

  • Mentor Meeting
  • 4 Initial Training Sessions
  • Lead with Courage Training
  • Attend one workshop
  • Attend the Initiation Ceremony


After completion of these requirements, the new member is fully initiated into the society.  


Maintaining Good Standing

In order to maintain good standing in the Anchors Society, a Stonehill Student must achieve a total of 10 hours of activity each semester by participating in leadership development opportunities and community events.  Some actions are required and some is elective.

Required (4hrs)

  •  Mentor Meeting
  • 2 Workshops
  • 1 DEI focused event


Electives (6 hrs)

  • Workshops
  • DEI Events
  • Campus Involvement (Max = 4hrs)
    • Leadership (holding a position =2hrs)
    • Membership (being an active member =1hr)
    • Varsity Athletics (Varsity Athlete = 2 hrs)
  • Keynote Event (3hrs)
    • Each Semester, Anchors will promote a Keynote Event. 
    • This event may be sponsored by another department, or it mat be sponsored by Anchors itself.
      • Networking Events
      • Formal Dinners
      • Guest Speakers
      • Conferences
  • Other Events
    • Outside events
    • Non-leadership focused events


More Information

Participation in the Anchors Society is tracked using a simple hours system.  The Initial Requirements total 12 hours.  Maintaining Good Standing requires 10 hours.  Most events are worth 1 hour, while some events are worth 2 or 3. Hours are tracked by semester and reset each new semester.  

The four initial sessions are required for all new members of the Anchors Society.  They focus on the themes of Listening, Thinking, Acting, and Leading.  They serve as the foundation of the society from which all the work of leadership development stems.  The sessions last 2 hours. 

After the Initial Requirements are completed, the workshops become the main component of a members involvement in the society.  They are a variety of opportunities offered across campus by different departments.  In general, there will be one workshop available each week.  They will either focus on developing a specific skill, offer an opportunity to reflect holistically on their experiences and growth, or allow for community building amongst the cohort.  

Each semester, Anchors will promote a Keynote event.  These events will be worth 3 hours.  It will sometimes be an event sponsored by another department, and sometimes it will sometime be sponsored by the Anchors Society.  Examples of these events are: 

  • Networking Events
  • Formal Dinners
  • Guest Speakers
  • Conferences 


There are forms to submit the completion of hours.  Most forms are simple, but when a member participates in an event that is not explicitly focused on leadership, they must complete a form that requires a written report explaining how their participation in the event helped them to grow.  The only events that do not need a form are the four Initial Sessions. 

If a member fails to complete the required 10 hours a semester, they will be put on probation.

Practically this means two things.

  • The member has 1 semester to recommit to completing the necessary hours, if they cannot do this, they will be dismissed from the society. 
  • The member will receive regular communication inquiring about their well-being, mental health, support systems, and their desire and ability to continue in the society.