Service Calls for Xerox Devices

Service calls for Xerox devices should now be made to the Xerox Help Desk. All Xerox devices now have a label with the information needed to place a call for service. The label contains the number of our dedicated Xerox Help Desk. You should call the Xerox Help Desk whenever your Xerox device is not functioning. When calling, please identify that you are from Stonehill College and then give the device name and serial number that is on the label. The Xerox Help Desk representative will then ask you a few questions about the issue and will help troubleshoot the problem. If the representative is not able to help resolve the problem over the phone, they will dispatch a Xerox technician to respond within 1 business day.

Xerox Supplies: Toner, Cartridges and Fusers

Questions about toner, cartridges, and fusers should still be directed to the Document Center at extension 1264 or These supplies are now monitored remotely by Xerox and sent to the college automatically. They will be received through Mail Services and delivered to departments. Supplies will be delivered before the machine actually needs them to be replaced. Please do not replace toners until you are prompted by the device to replace toner. Those who are unfamiliar with the replacement process can request help from the Document Center and an associate will come to your location to show you this very simple process.

Xerox Billing and Shared Xerox Devices

Xerox devices no longer require departmental orgs to be entered as the College now uses a centralized billing system. When printing to shared Xerox devices in open areas, you will now use your Stonehill username and password to release your print jobs. The benefits of this approach include security of the printed material and minimizing waste, as jobs only print when they are released. Additionally, these Xerox devices are now available from Mobileprint to streamline printing from laptops and mobile devices. The list of these devices can be found in the IT Knowledge Base under Printing.

Non-Xerox Devices

For service issues or supplies for a  non-Xerox printer, please call the IT Service Desk (ext. 4357) or email  They will assist you in both cases.