What is Leadership Through Diversity?

Leadership through Diversity is a leadership program developed for first year students to explore leadership through the lens of social identity and personal development.  We are focused on developing our students to be advocates of civility and dignity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage the acknowledgement, understanding, and respect of different cultures, leadership styles, and different experiences of the members of our community.  Our mission is to develop and foster a community of leaders who recognize that leadership and diversity are not mutually exclusive and that to be a leader for positive change, one must have the skills to work with diverse populations.

Topics Covered

  • Social Identities
  • Issues of Empowerment, Equity, Justice, and Peace
  • Leadership Styles
  • Group Dynamics and Conflict Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal, Group, and Community Leadership

How do I sign up?

Simply email diversity@stonehill.edu to let us know you're interested. Please remember that program is open to first-year students.