Students are accountable for their actions as a necessary part of community life.  By voluntarily choosing to affiliate with Stonehill College, students agree to uphold these responsibilities.

As Stonehill is a community committed to Holy Cross and Catholic ideals and to the growth of each individual, the Community Standards established for student members of the Stonehill community are not always exactly the same as those within society at large.  The College's Community Standards go beyond what is simply required for public order.  They ask what is good and developmental for the individual and for the Stonehill community.

To enter Stonehill College is to accept an invitation to participate in a learning environment that emphasizes "the education of the whole person" by promoting interdisciplinary inquiry and facilitating student learning and development.  Choosing to become a member of this community requires a commitment to an open dialogue about the basic human questions fundamental to a liberal education in the Holy Cross tradition, as well as an individual responsibility to foster an environment in which this dialogue can occur.

Shared responsibility for the life and governance of the College should lead all its members to make the best of their own talents, to work together, to be sensitive to one another, to serve others, and to seek justice within and beyond the Stonehill community. As such, students are expected to inform College officials whenever they are concerned about a student's physical or emotional health or safety or when they have knowledge regarding a dangerous or potentially violent situation.

The Stonehill College Community Standards and other policies are intended to contribute to the moral, intellectual, spiritual, and social growth of student members of the campus community. The College will call students to be accountable for their actions as a necessary part of community life.

Duffy Academic Center – 142

The Office of Community Standards seeks to provide students with a living and learning environment that reflects the values of the Stonehill community and supports the College's commitment to developing the moral, spiritual, intellectual and social competencies of our students.