The Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory will help you to explore how your interests influence decisions about your major/minor and potential occupations. The Strong Interest Inventory can provide some direction for you if you are unclear about your decisions. If you have already chosen your major/minor or have a goal in mind for an occupation, the Strong also can assist you in confirming your decisions.

Call the Career Development Center at 508-565-1325 or schedule online through Handshake to make arrangements to take the Strong Interest Inventory.


FOCUS helps college students and persons in career transition to develop an accurate picture of their personal strengths, needs and preferences. Whether you are exploring education or career paths, this can help you discover and explore options that match your interests, personality, values and skills.

FOCUS takes approximately 40 minutes, and you can spend additional time researching different occupational choices, and checking out the 300+ occupational videos. A great deal of career-related information can be found in this assessment, and we encourage you to review it as many times as you wish. You do not have to do the assessment all at once. You can log back on to FOCUS at any time.


To optimize your use of FOCUS, be sure to "Combine Your Assessment Results" to narrow and refine your exploration of education and career fields based on all of your FOCUS assessment results. Remember that the system is case sensitive. 


To create a new account, you'll need access code "track"


If you've already created a FOCUS account, login here

Career & Industry Profiles

These websites provide career information, such as the job profiles, training requirements, hiring outlook and salary ranges within certain fields. They are a great starting point to researching different career fields.

Career Exploration by Major

You can take your major in many directions. Here are two great sites to help give you some ideas of what you might do with your major.