The Career Development Center offers multiple opportunities for you to network in person (see our upcoming events), with Stonehill alumni, and area employers. In addition, through your coursework, campus activities or outside interests, you may have the opportunity to network in a social setting. Here are some tips for success in these situations:

  • Pay attention to the dress code on the invitation; dress to impress!
  • Your name tag goes on your right hand side
  • Hold your drink/plate in your left hand so that your right hand is always free to shake hands
  • Approach someone who is alone, introduce yourself and start a conversation; focus on remembering the other person's name; ask questions and listen! Don't just talk.
  • Have a goal: meet someone in a particular field or company, find out about open positions, practice your elevator pitch, or learn something new!
  • If you have business cards, don't forget them!
  • When you receive business cards, write a bullet point on the back about your conversation to make your follow-up easier.
  • Follow up immediately. A great way is to write them a personalized note on LinkedIn and ask to connect.

For more tips, watch this video on navigating Career Fairs