Stonehill in Los Angeles Update

Due to the concerns around the COVID-19 crisis, and out of an abundance of caution, the college has suspended the Stonehill in Los Angeles internship program for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please consider applying to our other full-time internship programs in New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C. which will run in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

Launched in the Fall of 2010 as the result of a partnership with the Communications Department, this program provides students with the opportunity to live and work in Los Angeles, California for 14 weeks. Students pay their regular tuition and fees and any received financial aid is applied.  All majors are welcome to apply!


  • ID PR
  • Focus Features - NBC Universal
  • Warner Brothers
  • CBS
  • ROAR Entertainment
  • Conan O'Brien
  • Warner Bros. Records
  • New Wave Entertainment
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Beck Media & Marketing
  • SXM Productions
  • NBC Universal

Read about former LA interns' experiences in the Communications Department's LA Blog.

Applications for the Spring 2020 semester are due in Handshake by Friday, September 27th.

Students must also register through myHill prior to the deadline:  myPlans > Stonehill U.S. Internship Request for Approval > Los Angeles Internship Program.  Make sure to review our application requirements before getting started.  

Before applying to the Stonehill in Los Angeles Internship Program, students must meet certain qualifications. These include:

  • A resume approved by a member of the Career Development team
  • A 3.0 cumulative GPA and junior standing. Students who do not meet this criteria must obtain written approval (letter or email) from their faculty moderator prior to submitting an application.
  • A level of maturity demonstrated by responsible behavior at Stonehill College
  • Completion all application materials by the deadlines specified by the Career Development Center
  • Approval of the Director of Career Development and the Dean of Students
  • The intention to grow, both on an academic and professional level, in a new city

Applications for the Spring 2020 semester are due in Handshake by Friday, September 27th.

Log into Handshake to apply.  Students must also register through myHill prior to the deadline:  myPlans > Stonehill U.S. Internship Request for Approval > Los Angeles Internship Program.


Students are awarded 15 credits upon completion of the Stonehill in Los Angeles Program. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 9 Credits: Full time internship in the student’s major department pending the approval of the department's faculty moderator
  • 3 Credits: Paper/journal/project*
  • 3 Credits: COM Course taken over winter break, taught by Professor Ron Leone

COM 314, 3-credit Communication Class:

COM 314: Media Organizations is required as part of our internship program.  The course is an advanced survey of media organizations, including broadcasting, motion pictures, print, on-line, and telecommunication industries. A primary focus of the course is an examination of the current state of media organizations and the complex, dynamic relationship between ownership, personnel, content, advertisers and audiences

*Requirements may vary by department



Students are housed in the Park La Brea Complex in West Hollywood, just steps from some of Los Angeles' most popular areas including the Miracle Mile and the Grove.

Apartment amenities include:

  • In-apartment washer/dryer
  • Reserved parking
  • Cable Television
  • Wireless Internet
  • Full kitchen with microwave and dishwasher


Although Los Angeles has its own public transportation system, the best way to get around is by car. Stonehill provides rental cars for every two students. 

Exploring Los Angeles

The first week the program will include an orientation led by Chris Gagne, a Stonehill Alumnus, who lives and works in Los Angeles. Students will have the opportunity to explore Los Angeles and the surrounding area over the course of the semester.

Finding the Internship of Your Dreams

Stonehill students secure their own internships as part of the Los Angeles Internship program, but will have access to a number of resources through the Career Development Center including the Stonehill Connect Mentor Database, online internship search databases, postings in Handshake and the support of Career Advisors.  Students will participate in an orientation specific to their program that will cover internship search strategies and techniques, the interview process, and Stonehill connections in the particular location.  Accepted students will also be asked to complete a mock interview with a member of the Career Development team to help them prepare for internship interviews.

Hear What Our Stonehill in Los Angeles Alumni Have to Say

Love Boussiquot '16


What do you love about living in LA?  What I love most about LA is that everyday can turn into an adventure. Most of those adventures happen because you can't stand traffic and need a change of plans. I've also discovered that Los Angeles is actually an incredibly beautiful place, you can go from the 405 to a beautiful canyon with a waterfall in just 20 minutes.

What skills your internship has given you? This internship has definitely taught me to be much more self sufficient. After a certain amount of time people stop telling you what it is that needs to get done. I think this internship truly taught me responsibility especially because my actions don't affect only myself can affect many people. 

Liam Dacko '16


What you love about LA: For a TV lover like me, coming to LA is like entering the Promised Land. I’ve gotten the opportunity to do so many TV-related activities, including going to a red carpet premiere, attending a television festival featuring the stars of Scandal, Arrow, and The Flash, and watching a live taping of the show Last Man Standing! I feel like I’ve gone to Heaven!

Internship Duties: At Storyverse Studios, I serve a variety of functions. Primarily, I write Buzzfeed-style articles for the company’s website. In addition, I have served as a production assistant on the set of the studio’s web series, Super Fan Party Plan. At MPRM Communications, I assist with a variety of public relations activities, including updating press lists, maintaining the company’s library of publications, preparing press clippings for clients, and drafting press releases.

What skills the internship gives you: In addition to teaching me various skills related to production, public relations, and writing for media, the time I have spent at my internship has taught me that what I have to say matters. I am an introvert through and through. I’m often afraid to speak up because of what people might say. Being in this city full of larger-than-life personalities, I’ve gained a confidence that I've never had before.

Amanda Sullivan '16


What you love about LA: I cannot choose one thing that I love about Los Angeles, but first THE WEATHER. It is always gorgeous in the city, and I'm so glad I got to escape the snow. I also really like the people here-- everyone is very laid back and personable. 

Internship Duties: I am the publicity intern for EMC|Bowery, and one of my main duties is tracking and clipping all client press in the media. The internship also has me editing pitches and press releases for our various clients. I am required to complete case studies for specific events that our firm plans and hosts, such as pre-Oscars parties. Additionally, as an intern I assist in covering events around Los Angeles with EMC|Bowery. 

What skills the internship gave you: The internship has taught me a lot about working under pressure. I often have strict deadlines for the tasks I am required to complete, and I have learned how to manage my time and get all of my work done efficiently. I have also familiarized myself with working in the entertainment industry. The internship has been very different from previous jobs and internships that I've had so working specifically with media has been an experience. 


Applications for the Spring 2020 semester are due in Handshake by Friday, September 27th.