What is job shadowing?

Job shadowing is a means for exploring a career by walking through the work day as a "shadow" to a worker. A job shadow is different from an internship because it is more short-term -- anywhere from a day to a month -- and is not done to gain experience in a certain field, but rather to witness a certain profession first-hand. Job shadows are highly enlightening; they can either magnify your ambition to pursue a certain career or give you a chance to redirect your path to find a better fit.

Who should do a job shadow?

Job shadow opportunities exist virtually anywhere people work and are great options for ANY student who wants to explore different career paths. For first and second year students, job shadowing is a viable option for getting into a workplace before participating in a full-fledge internship.

How do you get a job shadow?

The Career Development Center can help you connect with a professional in your desired field.
Call 508-565-1325 or email careerdevelopment@stonehill.edu to set up an appointment.

Cushing Martin Hall – The Kruse Center

The Career Development Center is open year-round to assist with students' career-related questions or concerns.