If you have already completed the OAR registration process and discussed your accommodation requests with the director, please complete and submit this form each semester to request academic accommodations. This form is only used to request accommodations for which you have had prior approval. Please schedule a meeting with the Office of Accessibility Resources to discuss any new accommodation requests. Letters are effective for one semester only. Upon receipt of this form, a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) will be developed and available to you in a timely manner via your Stonehill email or in person, by appointment.

You are encouraged to present your LOA to instructors as early in the semester as possible, keeping in mind that accommodations are not retroactive and are in effect only upon submission and discussion of the LOA with your instructor(s). It is highly recommended that you make an appointment with each instructor during his/her office hours to review the letter and determine how each accommodation will be implemented. Your instructors may require advanced notice of any request to use an accommodation. For example, in order to logistically plan for extended time on exams, some instructors may require notice of at least 3 business days.

It is your responsibility to monitor the effectiveness of your accommodations and to immediately notify the Office of Accessibility Resources if you have any concerns about the provision of accommodations or if your needs change. Changes to your accommodation letter may be requested at any point in the semester. Additional documentation may be required to support any new accommodation request.

Spring 2022 Letter of Accommodation Request Form

Academic Services, Duffy – 104

The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) supports Stonehill’s unwavering commitment to providing a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for students with disabilities. Our goal is to create an accessible campus experience by providing a point of coordination, resources and support for our students and the campus community.