How do students request accommodations?

The first step is to register with OAR by following the 3 step process below:

  1. Register with the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) by completing the registration form below and at the bottom of this page. Alternative formats of the form are available upon request. If you need any assistance in completing the form or making us aware of your needs, please let us know. 

    Online Registration Form (This form is available to students with Stonehill sign on credentials. For new students, please use this form after you receive yours).

  2. Submit relevant documentation. Please refer to the Documentation Guidelines for assistance in providing documentation that is appropriate to verify eligibility and support your specific accommodation request(s).
    • Documentation can be submitted through the online form or via these other options:
      • Fax documentation to 508-565-1014
      • Email documentation to
      • (Less preferred method) Mail documentation to: Office of Accessibility Resources, Stonehill College, 320 Washington Street Easton, MA 02357
  3. For academic accommodations please complete an intake interview. Schedule a meeting by sending an email to to request a 30-minute Intake Interview Appointment for OAR Registration. Phone, Zoom, or in person appointments welcome.
    1. Please note that for housing, dining, mobility and temporary accommodations an intake session is typically not required. Generally intake sessions are for academic accommodations unless there is a special situation.

Note: Students wishing to be considered for academic, housing or meal plan accommodations must first register with the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR). There are additional procedures for requesting housing and meal plan accommodations. Please navigate to the appropriate tab on the left menu bar for further instruction.

Students must monitor their own progress with completing the steps. Students will not be prompted as to where they are in the process but please reach out if you have questions.

How do I prepare for the academic accommodations intake interview?

You are the best expert on yourself! Be prepared to describe your disability and how it impacts you in your own words. Student self-report is a critical component of an accommodation request in addition to the formal documentation from a medical or other provider.


  • Be familiar with the documentation of disability you are submitting. Be prepared to discuss your strengths, challenge areas, and any recommendations made by the provider.
  • Consider developing and practicing a personal summary that includes the following information. You may even want to write this down and share it during your initial meeting:
    • How your disability has impacted you in the past
    • Strengths and challenge areas as a student/learner
    • Prior accommodation history
    • Prior relevant medical/mental health history
    • How you learn best and any strategies you’ve developed to be successful
    • Which accommodations you are requesting in college and why


How is eligibility determined?

The student and the Director of Accessibility Resources partner to identify strategies, resources and accommodations, that can ameliorate disability-related barriers. An initial intake meeting provides the opportunity to understand the student’s disability experience and accommodations that have been successful in providing access. The process will be informed by the student’s self-report, the director's experience, and any documentation that the student presents.

Based on an interactive discussion, the director may implement accommodations, set up provisional or temporary accommodations while waiting for additional documentation, or request documentation specific to establishing a connection between the disability and the barrier.

A reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to instructional methods and/or a course, program, service, activity or facility that enables a qualified student with a disability to have equal access to programs, services and activities.

Equal access means an opportunity to attain the same level of performance or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges as are available to a similarly-situated student without a disability.

Note: We are always monitoring materials on this site to ensure accessibility. If you are unable to access any materials for the process, please contact for assistance.

Registration Form

Online Registration Form (This form is available to students with Stonehill sign on credentials. For new students, please use this form after you receive yours).

Housing, ESA and dining accommodations are now managed through a team process.

Please direct all inquiries about housing, ESA, and dining accommodations to and/or (508) 565-1658.

​MacPhaidin Library – 106C

The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) supports Stonehill’s unwavering commitment to providing a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for students with disabilities. Our goal is to create an accessible campus experience by providing a point of coordination, resources and support for our students and the campus community.