What is the benefit of this extra preparation?

The college acclimation process can be challenging.  ACE allows you an opportunity to ease into the semester all while getting used to the campus, meeting new people, becoming familiar with the offices and resources available to you, and earning credit toward graduation!  While the benefits of the ACE program are bountiful, here are a few key takeaways to get started:   

  • Head Start: One of the most significant takeaways is that when the first year officially begins, students will hit the ground running, able to engage immediately and fully in both academic and campus life at Stonehill.  A major priority of ACE is to get students acclimated to their physical surroundings, ensuring students know exactly where to go when in need.  One way we achieve this is through a campus-wide scavenger hunt at the end of the program (one of many interactive events we plan throughout the two weeks).
  • Credit: Through this two-week program, students receive three credits toward graduation and will fulfill their Literature Cornerstone requirement, thus lightening their academic load going forward!  It is a phenomenal opportunity that comes at no cost to the student.  Students will take a two-week Literature class, taught by a full-time, tenured faculty member, that will satisfy one of the College's general education requirements.  Students will also take a one-credit study skills course in the fall semester in order to continue to support their transition and success.  In total, ACE students will receive four credits toward graduation from successfully participating in the program.      
  • Access: As part of the ACE program, students will have access to: full-time, tenured faculty; professional advisors; peer mentors; writing fellows; library and workout facilities; as well as members from myriad offices on campus.  The program goes a long way in creating a 'Stonehill Took Kit' that our students take forward into their studies.
  • Cost:  Nothing!  We will cover everything you need to be successful during ACE.  This is a program that is completely free for the student.  You will receive three-academic credits, live on campus, use the dining facilities, and receive any required studying materials for free.  We cover the expenses of the program so that you can focus entirely on your studies and acclimating to college life.

Additionally, the ACE advantage does not end when full-time classes begin.  Throughout the first semester, students will meet weekly with an advisor and take an additional study skills class in order to help support their successful transition to college.  The community and support system we develop and build throughout the summer program will last well into the fall and through your entire Stonehill career!  

Discover Campus Life

Before the entire college community arrives on campus, the ACE program will give students a preview of a new life as a student at Stonehill. They will live in a double room in a residence hall community with other ACE students. Students will share meals with other students, faculty, and staff in the Roche Dining Commons and discover the Library, Center for Writing and Academic Achievement, Academic Services & Advising, the Career Development Center, and other resources on campus. Most importantly, students will attend classes and workshops in Stonehill’s classrooms and enjoy meeting new people through activities arranged on campus!

A Typical ACE Day

As with typical college life, days in the ACE program will include a mix of classes, workshops, and structured study time – balanced with plenty of time for fun and relaxation. When the academic year officially begins in August, the extra preparation, experiences, and friendships students have gained through ACE will give you the confidence to seize every opportunity your Stonehill education has to offer.


 If you have any questions about ACE, what we offer, or whether the program is a good fit for you, feel free to contact us!  You can reach out directly to Shannon Balliro, the Academic Community Experience Director: 

Contact Information

Shannon D. Balliro

Associate Director of Academic Services & Advising
Academic Services and Advising