Despite the disruption caused by COVID-19 this semester, the Student Government Association (SGA) has successfully organized the first virtual election in its history.  With strong voter turnout, 18 candidates campaigned for a multitude of positions across all four classes.

“We had to adjust some usual traditions for the election period while away from campus, but nevertheless, we have elected many eager and qualified students to represent the student body,” reports outgoing SGA Executive President Lucas Sartori ’20, an economics/finance double major.

Without traditional options such as candidate sign-up sheets in the Dining Commons or a speech night prior to election day, candidates and voters went online. For speech night, all the candidates submitted videos. 

“It was a team effort with constant back and forth and we really worked at it. A smooth transition for those who will lead SGA next year was important to us as is making sure SGA continues to serve as the voice for Stonehill students. Participation and representation are critical,” adds Sartori who notes that SGA also encourages students to vote in state and federal elections through its Making Voting Easy turbovote link.

With the support of the six other Executive Board members as well as Director of Student Engagement Steven Pagios, Sartori had responsibility for overseeing the protracted process, which involved keeping candidates and voters informed, constant campaigning and tallying the votes.

“As seniors, we have a great class spirit, resilient and strong in the face of the pandemic that upended our final semester. That’s been reflected in the way every member of the Executive Committee stepped up and made things happen,” says Sartori.

The supporting SGA board members are: Vice-President Jake Gremza, Treasurer Jeffrey Popken, Secretary Jeremiah Peñaflorida, Finance Chair Gerard McCarthy, Programming Chair Jenna O’Malley, and Diversity Chair Lizzie Riley.

2020-21 SGA Executive Board

Meet the new executive board of the Student Government Association.

President: Abraham Medeiros '21; Vice-President: Brian Word-Sims '21; Public Relations Coordinator: Zackary Rice '21, Programming Chair: Celia Craft '21, Diversity Chair: Sayvion Jones '21, Finance Chair: Carter Pearl '21; Treasurer: Mike Chamberlain '21 (not pictured).