Tara Nolan ’11 and Maeve Flanagan ’11 social distance walk in Mahnattan

Nice Little Respite

On Thursday, I went for a “social distance walk” with Tara Nolan ’11 in Manhattan, and we were both sporting our Stonehill gear. They closed Park Ave. near where we live (we are neighbors!), so it was a nice little respite.
- Maeve Flanagan ’11

Lifelong Impression

Recently in Brockton, I treated myself to a ride around our beautiful campus. I stopped at the Grotto to light a candle for David Pomfret ’59, recently deceased. It gave me time to reflect on how blessed I am to be a graduate of Stonehill. 60-year flashback. I am glad I live on the Cape making my visits possible.

The men of the Holy Cross made a lifelong impression.
- Dorothy (Riley) Stahley ’59

Doors Opened

Stonehill is my favorite place in the world. It is heartbreaking that my senior year had to end this way, but my time at Stonehill has allowed me to grow and develop into the person that I am today. Stonehill has opened endless doors for my future. I am forever grateful to Stonehill College for changing my life.

Continue to find the light during this time of darkness and if you cannot find the light, be the light! Lux et Spes forever.
- Erin Flanagan ’20

Zoom Cocktails

A group of friends from the class of 1978 had a Zoom cocktail hour to catch up and check to see how everyone was doing through social distancing. This coronavirus can’t keep us apart! Keep connected with your friends!

Your Stonehill friendships will last a lifetime.
- Mary Van Deventer ’78

Grubby Hugs

“Gamma-sitting” for two pre-school grandsons while both parents work at home: challenges grace, creativity, energy and selflessness. Benefits are many: love and grubby hugs, bugs, lizards and scraped knees that require kisses.

In stillness, listen.
- Susan Kingston ’73

On the Frontline

Thomas Dickey ’20 and Lydia Blodgett ’19 are working as scribes in the Emergency Department at Good Samaritan Hospital in Stoughton serving the community on the frontline.
- Alina Birch ’14, PMHNP, MSN, APRN Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Bringing Warmth

Every night at 8 p.m. our island cheers for all of our first responders (including our grocery workers who continue to come in) and it brings so much warmth to everything.
- Mary Hearst Egan ’05, resident, Roosevelt Island NYC

Some Grace

Do your best to give yourself some grace. This is an extremely unusual time in our lives, so don't be hard on yourself if it is harder to focus, or you're not as productive as you would be under normal circumstances. Be sure to take breaks and do something that you enjoy and makes you feel refreshed. Lastly, try to re-frame the challenges and disappointments you're experiencing; this is absolutely a time to grieve losses (such as not finishing the school year living on-campus with friends), but this could be a time to be inspired to create something new that you wouldn't have otherwise done.
- Kimberly (Foley) Wheeler ’06

Have a similar story of social distancing to share? Let us know!