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Dear Members of the Stonehill Community,

This guidance is effective June 21, 2021. Detailed information is available on our website.

This memo updates the guidance we shared in May. We indicated that we would provide an additional update just before New Student Orientation. We also stated that the percentage of our population ultimately vaccinated would help inform our overall strategy and response. We continue to collect and receive vaccination data. At the writing of this communication, 70.19% of employees have already reported being fully vaccinated. We want to thank our employees for their continued diligent efforts in reporting information as they complete their vaccinations. Incoming first year students reporting being fully vaccinated stands at 23.7%. Based on current guidance, the College has set a “working goal” of 85-90% community vaccination by August 1st. We encourage you to upload your documentation as soon as you are fully vaccinated.

As a reminder, the following guidance remains in place:

  • Individuals who are fully vaccinated may resume all normal on-campus activities without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart, except where otherwise required by state or College rules.
  • Individuals who are not fully vaccinated, consistent with CDC and MA DPH guidance, must continue to wear a face covering, stay 6 feet apart from others when on campus, and get tested if they have been exposed to, or have symptoms associated with, COVID-19.
  • Summer groups and camps will follow the guidelines implemented by State and local health officials and camps which host school-aged children will follow the State’s requirements for K-12 public schools.

Updated protocols for New Student Orientation include certain modifications to the Massachusetts protocols for face coverings and physical distancing:

  • Masks are not required outdoors provided event organizers do not require them. Students attending orientation should always have a mask with them and should follow the instructions of event organizers.
  • As we will be below the “working goal” during orientation, masks should be worn in-doors unless instructed otherwise.
  • Employees on campus during orientation are expected to wear masks while in buildings and interacting with students regardless of the employees’ vaccination status. The College deeply appreciates every employees’ assistance in modeling consistent behavior for our students during orientation.
  • Orientation staff will be providing detailed instructions and guidance to attendees.

The CDC and MA DPH continue to modify guidance and the College is reviewing information as it is released in preparation for our full return to campus in the fall. The College will continue to endeavor to keep its guidance similarly updated and will utilize the website as the primary means to share updates. Our next regularly scheduled update will coincide with our return to “regular on-campus work schedules” the first week of July, and in August just before the start of the academic year.

Student questions relating to vaccines may be directed to Maria Sullivan (tel: 508-565-1307) and employee questions may be directed to Monique Avila (tel: 508-565-1608).


Tom Flynn
Vice President & General Counsel