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Dear Members of the Stonehill Community,

Throughout our history, Stonehill has welcomed with open arms alumni, visitors and neighbors who come to enjoy our campus as a peaceful place to walk, bike, picnic, or pray.

We love sharing our beautiful campus, seeing parents teach children to ride bicycles in our parking lots, taking solitary strolls, walking their dogs, or praying at the Grotto or in the Chapel of Mary. Part of our mission has always been a strong connection with our surrounding community and a standing welcome for alumni to come back to visit.

Like so much in recent months, the pandemic is forcing us to temporarily make significant changes in order to protect the health and safety of all in our community to the best of our ability. In August, as students begin to come back to campus for the fall semester, we will be limiting campus access to all but our staff, faculty, students, and delivery and service providers.

For those who come to Stonehill for the celebration of Liturgy or to pray at the Grotto, those visits will continue unchanged. Just let the attendant know when you stop at the Gatehouse.

This wider closure to casual visitors goes against our grain and we will miss many, many familiar faces. Please know that this is a temporary measure. As we have done on so many fronts over the last few months, and will continue to do over the coming months, we take these measures in the belief that they will protect the health of our community—and with the hope and prayer that they will be lifted in due course so we can return to our cherished routines.

Starting Monday, August 3, as more of our students, faculty and staff begin to return to Stonehill, these new policies will go into effect and will be communicated to visitors who approach the Gatehouse seeking to enter campus and to other College constituencies.

Thank you for your understanding.


Martin McGovern
Director, Communications and Media Relations