Dear Stonehill Community,

The current COVID-19 surge is very different than what we have experienced in the past as a community. While the current variant presents with less severe symptoms for most vaccinated individuals, it has shown to be more contagious and spreads quicker. Therefore, Stonehill, like all colleges and communities, anticipates higher numbers of positive cases among our community members. 

In order to continue to follow positive cases most efficiently and support community members who may need to isolate or quarantine, we have implemented a “surge protocol” that will inform our contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine guidance.

These new protocols will start Saturday, January 15, 2022. We will transition to a system that automates a portion of the notification process to positive and close contact individuals in order to share results and important follow-up information in a timely manner. Please know that this automated process will not limit your ability to access Testing Center and Health Services staff for questions and support.

Notification Protocols

If you test positive, you will receive notification via email (from, text, or both providing you with information and a link to an online form that you must complete to confirm receipt of your results. Within this form, you will also be asked to provide important information to the Testing Center staff, including the identification of your close contacts. 

If you are identified as a close contact, you will also receive an email from the and will be required to complete an online form.

Additional guidance will also be shared within these notifications, and links provided within will direct you to the Stonehill COVID-19 Testing Center Website –

Please know that we will continue to assess and modify these surge protocols as additional information becomes available.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in making these new protocols successful!  


The Stonehill College Contact Tracing Team