To help those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, Chemistry Professors Daniel Rogers and Deno Del Sesto are making face shields with 3D printers. They are each producing around eight or ten shields a day and are on target to donate 150 visors and shields to Signature/Brockton Hospital, Steward/Good Samaritan Hospital, and Easton’s Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department later this week.

Rogers and Del Sesto credit their colleagues Chemistry Professor Louis Liotta  and Director of Health Services Maria Sullivan with suggesting the idea.

“Maria and Louis had been informed that Signature/Brockton Hospital was experiencing a shortage. That was motivation enough to dig things out and start testing out patterns,” explains Del Sesto who is working out of his garage.

A 3D printer being used for face shield production.

Hannah Rogers, daughter of Professor Rogers, models use of the 3D printed masks.

Rogers has been operating out of his basement and adds, “Both Deno and I have experience 3d printing for our research and lecturing needs. You can’t always buy the equipment you need, often you need to make the tool yourself—enter 3d printing.”

Searching the internet for a different visor design, Rogers wanted one that would be acceptable to the medical community would print fairly quickly, and could be finished with equipment on hand, such as overhead sheets and a three-hole punch. He found a design made by a Swedish designer, 3DVERSTAN and tried printing it.

The College provided the plastic sheet material that is attached to the visors as well as printing supplies and access to a Chemistry department 3d printer.

“Being able to share with our neighbors in need is wonderful and I believe our professors will continue their work on this for a bit as well. This is an amazing effort on the part of these caring and compassionate faculty members, says Sullivan who is coordinating the delivery of the face shields to Good Samaritan Hospital, Signature/Brockton Hospital and Easton’s Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.