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Dear Resident Student,

We are so excited to welcome you to on-campus housing in the spring. While housing assignments will not be finalized until mid-end of next week, we felt it was important to send this initial communication in order to give you adequate time to prepare for your move to campus.

To ensure everyone can maintain proper physical distancing, as well as to adequately prepare for your arrival, we ask you to complete the Spring 2021 Move In Appointment Form to let us know what day and time you plan to move in. We recognize that you may need to wait to complete this form until your spring housing assignment is confirmed and that is absolutely okay. Up to two people will be permitted to assist with moving your belongings into your residence hall. It is extremely important that those who assist you limit their time and within the building. They must also wear a mask at all times while on campus and answer no to all of the questions on our institutional self-checker on the date of your scheduled arrival. Following your move into the residence hall, you may choose to remain on campus from that point forward so long as you have completed the onboarding process. It is also acceptable to return home and come back to campus closer to the start of classes.

As a reminder, all students will be required to receive and provide proof of a negative PCR-COVID test within 72 hours prior to entering the residence halls at the start of the spring semester. There are two options for how this onboarding can be done. The first is on-campus testing. In this instance, residential students can come to campus to test then return home or stay off campus to quarantine until they receive a negative result. The second option is to obtain a test at a location closer to home and provide it to the testing center upon receiving a negative result. With either of these options, please keep in mind that the negative test needs to be received within 72 hours of your return to the residence hall.

If due to the distance you live from the College you will need to test upon arrival to campus and quarantine in your room until receipt of a negative result, we will allow you to do so. In this instance, please be sure to complete an application to quarantine on campus. If you live less than 3 hours from campus however, while we will still permit you to move in your belongings after your test, we will ask you to return home following that task so you can complete your required quarantine there.

The information in this email coupled with our website as well as the return to campus website should answer any questions you have about your return to campus. If not the best way to access us is during business hours at (508) 565-1290 or We absolutely can’t wait to welcome you to campus for the spring and wish you and your families a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season!


Kristen Pierce, Ed.D. ‘01
Director of Residence Life