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Dear Members of the Stonehill Community,

This is an update on the College’s COVID-19 “onboard” (baseline) testing, weekly surveillance testing, and masking protocols. As always, additional information and updates will be provided online.

Onboard Testing

All employees and partners, regardless of vaccination status, must receive an onboard COVID test to help set a baseline for our surveillance testing program. Employees who have been working on campus for some time should secure a test as soon as possible. New employees and those who are returning to campus after an extended absence should arrange for and receive a test no more than seven days in advance of their start or return date, respectively. Submitting test results early will expedite the processing of your documentation and help avoid delays.

The following are acceptable ways to secure your onboard/baseline test:

  • Come to the Testing Center in Alumni Hall on campus up to seven days before your first day on campus (if you are already on campus, this first test also serves as your first surveillance test).
  • Obtain a test on your own and email it to the testing center.
  • Approved tests include:
    1. A PCR test administered by your medical provider, a pharmacy, or other health care professional.
    2. A rapid-antigen test administered by your medical provider, a pharmacy, or other health care professional.
    3. A self-administered rapid-antigen test.
      1. These tests are available at most retail pharmacies like Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens, and large retailers like Target, Amazon, and Walmart. In store and online availability can vary so please plan ahead.
      2. Many of these tests have very specific instructions about how to take the test, and some require that you take two tests within a 36-hour period, so while they are rapid tests (usually giving results withing 15 minutes) you still need to plan ahead.
      3. These tests usually require you to register with the company and/or download an app to your phone in order to properly report results. Stonehill is requiring that you now submit results using the method provided for in the tests instructions.
      4. Stonehill strongly recommends that you verify that the test you use has received, minimally, FDA approval for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).
  • Individuals who have tested positive for COVID in the last 90-days should submit a copy of their positive results instead of re-testing. You do not have to submit a pre-arrival test or participate in weekly testing as current public health guidance does not require testing for 90 days after a positive result.

Weekly Surveillance Testing

The Testing Center is open in Alumni Hall. All students and employees must test weekly. You may test whenever the Center is open. New employees and partners should complete the Broad Consent Form, available online prior to their first test. You will also register for testing during your first visit to the Center.

Masking Protocols

We will continue to follow the Massachusetts guidelines with the following additional protocols for our campus:

  • At this time, masks will be required for all students and employees, vaccinated and unvaccinated, indoors, in “public-facing” areas. This will be reassessed as the semester continues and additional information and guidance becomes available.
    1. Public-facing areas are defined as follows:
    2. All classrooms, library-space, meeting rooms, and conference rooms;
    3. the Sports Complex, gymnasiums, dance and workout space, and locker rooms;
    4. all cafeterias and serveries (except when actively eating);
    5. all hallways, restrooms, and other common areas in academic and administrative buildings;
    6. all health-related facilities and worship spaces; and
    7. any other space designated as public-facing.
  • Masks are encouraged but not required in residence halls for vaccinated individuals.
  • Masks are required for unvaccinated individuals in residence halls.
  • Certain areas in residence halls may be designated as “mask required.” If this is the case the area will be clearly marked with signs.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Thomas V. Flynn
Vice President & General Counsel

Lily Krentzman
Director of Human Resources