GOLD Challenge Opens Doors

June 15, 2018

It’s a well-known fact that when you’re the Stonehill campus, whether someone is right behind you or 30 feet away, students, faculty, and staff will patiently hold the door for you as a sign of welcoming, community, and respect.

This spring, GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) Alumni took that tradition to the next level, earning temporary naming rights to doors on campus by donating to the College and opening the door for current and future Stonehill students.

More than 100 alumni from every GOLD class participated in the giving challenge, choosing to name doors in Cushing-Martin, Duffy Academic Center, the Chapel of Mary, the MacPháidín Library, the Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex, and the Thomas and Mary Shields Science Center.

Follow their lead and make a gift today!

Here are just a few reasons why alumni gave:

Jennifer Pham '16

“I wanted to #OpentheDoor for student opportunities because my experiences at Stonehill challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone and grow as a young professional.”

Duffy Academic Center

Paige Frost '13

“I chose the sports complex because as a student athlete on the women's tennis team during my time at Stonehill, I spent many mornings and afternoons at the SpoCo. So that building holds a special place in my heart.”

Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex

Thomas Crane '14

“I chose this door because it brings back memories of the hours you put in studying for final exams and working in group projects. I was motivated to make a gift because Stonehill is a special place that brings out the best in you.”

MacPháidín Library

Kate Bernazzani '13

“I wanted to give back to the college that provided a great opportunity for me, and help make the experience even better for future students.”

Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex

Kim and Mark Angelini '10

“Any little bit helped while we were at Stonehill and we hoped to make the same contribution to current and future students!”

Duffy Academic Center

Ashley O’Donnell '11

“Campus Ministry was an integral part of my experience at Stonehill. I made some of my strongest friendships on the Encounters Christ Retreats, deepened my faith through chapel choir and challenged myself to examine service and social justice through my involvement with HOPE and My Brothers Keeper.”

The Chapel of Mary

Samantha Catoggio '10

“I was a graphic design major at Stonehill, and all my fine arts classes lit a fire in me like no other area of study. I still love the arts whole heartedly, and Stonehill helped me prepare for a successful career in design.”

Cushing Martin Hall

Michele Flannery '13

“I chose to make a gift in honor of all the incredible science professors I had who inspired me with their enthusiasm and dedication to their careers. There’s no way to truly thank them for all they did for me, but giving a gift is a small way for me to show my appreciation and allow a future student to have a great experience like I did.”

The Thomas and Mary Shields Science Center