Boys & Girls Club Students Spend Day on Campus

February 22, 2018

Day in and day out, the Boys & Girls Club of Brockton (BGCB) works to nurture strong minds, healthy bodies and community spirit in local teens who participate in their programs.

In particular, the Club seeks to fire the imaginations of these young men and women, exposing them to a range of educational and career opportunities while encouraging them to shoot for the moon. With Stonehill minutes away and many of our students already involved with BGCB as volunteers, the College recently partnered with Club on its college-access initiative.

Immersed in Campus Life
To that end, last Wednesday, ten high-achieving students chosen by the Club visited the College to spend a day immersed in campus life.

With BGCB Events & Outreach Coordinator Andrea Masamba and Teen Director Matt Ferrer as chaperones, the students attended an Admission session, learned about the application process, ate in the Dining Commons, checked out the MacPhaidin Library, and generally got a bird’s eye view of college life.

Mock Business Class
One special highlight was a mock business class with Professor Robert Spencer.

“Professor Spencer opened the students’ eyes to the business person in all of them. His lively storytelling approach to exploring case studies kept them engaged and fully invested in the dialogue, even after the delicious meal in at Roche Dining Commons,” explained Masamba.

Another highlight for the students was listening to their Admission tour guide, Madison Pimental ’21.

“Madison is still a freshman yet she holds about three jobs on top of being an honors student. Our students loved learning about what she is doing at college and her experiences as a radio host and how her residence hall dealt with the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl,” added Masamba.

Reflecting on the visit, one of the BGCB students said he learned “that during college you have to become more independent to succeed.”

“This trip was more than going through the motions of a college tour, it was about creating an opportunity for our students, many of whom would be first-generation college students, to see first-hand their future as successful, involved, and thriving at college. The visit got them thinking about what they need to be doing now to achieve their goals” said Masamba.